Veganism has taken the world by storm. Many people are looking to live a more ethical, cruelty-free lifestyle. Placing the moral aspect aside, the health benefits of choosing a vegan lifestyle are astounding.
Vegans tend to get a greater variety of foods in their diet, possibly because they are far more conscious of what they eat. This variety means that they get a greater variety of nutrition as well. Vegans seem to be closer to the correct BMI than non-vegans. Some studies suggest that this may even be true when non-vegans are on a calorie restrictive diet and vegans are left to eat as much as they like.
A vegan diet may lower blood sugar levels and even improve kidney function. Vegans may also have less risk of getting cancer and heart disease because they eat far more cancer-fighting and heart friendly foods. So there you have it, Vegans, you really are doing the best thing for our planet and your health!
Here are some vegan products, we hope you find something new and exciting to try out. For our Veg-Curious foodies, take a look and give it a try, might be the best thing you have ever done!

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