Microbiome is trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive tract. They help breakdown food and help our bodies with the absorption of nutrients. Recent studies have suggested that Microbiome actually helps our bodies with much more than this, these bacteria play a role in fat loss, inflammation and quite possibly depression and anxiety.

The trick to the gut health quest is balance. Poor diet causes an imbalance in the diversity of Microbiome. Alcohol, processed foods and even some artificial sweeteners contribute toward this imbalance, which can cause poor insulin sensitivity, which in turn causes carbohydrates to turn into fat.  Lack of Microbiome diversity has also been linked to inflammation, and inflammation has been linked to obesity, heart disease and arthritis, to mention but a few. A study conducted by British scientists in 2011 concluded that our gut health may also play a significant role in our stress, depression and anxiety levels. Microbiome may change the way we process emotional information.

All considered, adding a few of our gut-friendly products to your home could be a very smart move.