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Lifematrix Tropical Fibre has been upgraded to “super-fibre” status. Our new formulation combines baobab with coconut, offering customers an excellent blend of soluble and insoluble fibres to support gut health, along with inulin, a pre-biotic “food” for healthy intestinal bacteria.

Baobab has a high soluble fibre value – it’s mainly pectin, the gummy stuff used to thicken jams. Baobab has been rising up the superfood ranks in recent years because of its rich vitamin and mineral content, especially Vitamin C and potassium.

Lifematrix Tropical Fibre can be taken on its own in a glass of warm water of mixed into a shake or smoothie.

The 200g pack contains 20 servings.


Fibre (From coconut, beets and baobab), inulin (from chicory).

Suggested use

Add one tablespoon (10g) to a tall glass and top up with fresh warm water, stirring briskly. Or add to shake / smoothie. Drink immediately and follow with a further glass of water. If you have not taken fibre before, start with half a teaspoon.

Warnings: Do not use more than once per day. Excessive consumption may cause flatulence and diarrhea. Not recommended for children.

A blend of soluble and insoluble fibres from coconuts and baobab that may help relieve and prevent constipation.

Blended with inulin, a plant-sourced pre-biotic that supports digestive health.


Manufactured in South Africa


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More about Super Smoothie essentials
With Whey isolate protein that is bio-available, meaning it is quickly absorbed, whey protein has a high concentration of branched chain amino acids and its quick absorption helps return post body work-outs to an anabolic state (muscle-building) from a catabolic state (muscle wasting). Whey protein has high levels of Leucine that assists with muscle growth and repair further to aiding in weight loss. Its Cystine content boosts the immune system, other benefits include controlling blood glucose levels, assist diabetics and pregnant women with their nutrient intake and improved digestion. Whey isolate protein powder may also prevent bone and muscle loss in the elderly and assist with those that have cachexia.
In addition to Brown rice protein which is made from sprouted wholegrain brown rice and fermented using an all-natural enzyme process, with all essential amino acids in a high-potency 80% protein concentrate.

Added Medium chained triglycerides (MCTs) have increased in popularity as a performance enhancer by athletes, bodybuilders and for weight loss. MCT’s enhance Ketone production that aids in physical and brain performance. They are extremely beneficial for the body and assist with a range of ailments including neurodegenerative disorders. Ideal for sports people MCTs are anti-inflammatory further to providing instant and sustainable energy. An effective aid for weight loss, MCT’s have shown to improve metabolism and thyroid function as well as increase the number of calories burnt (thermogenic effect) from a meal. Diabetics can also benefit from including MCT’s in their diet as It improves blood sugar regulation along with Banting diets as MCT’s are potent ketogenic fats.

With Chia meal that is rich in Omega 3 (ALA), it improves memory function and reduces inflammation and cholesterol. Due to its high content of Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium, Chia is beneficial for bones and teeth as well as reduced body weight and maintaining friendly gut bacteria.

The Flax meal in Super smoothie essentials is one of the richest sources of Lignans, an antioxidant that is both antibacterial and anti-viral, it maintains hormone balance and cellular health. It can also be beneficial for menopausal women and assists with regulating menstruation. Flax is also high in Omega 3 and can prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as aid against depression or mental illness.

Also included is coconut flour which has numerous nutritional advantages, our coconut flour is certified organic and milled from fresh coconuts. \

Added inulin aids in digestion, Inulin is a pre-biotic that promotes good bacteria with anti-oxidant effects it aids in weight loss and improves glycemic control.

Lifematrix is South Africa’s leading supplier of clean proteins, supplying a wide range of protein powders to suit any diet or lifestyle. Further to offering MCT products that aid in weight loss or training goals and transdermal magnesium supplements that ensure effective absorption of the mineral, through the skin. We also supply tooth friendly sugar alternatives and strive to develop items that promote good health and overall well-being. Lifematrix is a division of Absolute Organix, who have been the forerunners for natural and organic products within South Africa since 2004.


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