Sesame Seeds – Truefood – 200g

Truefood Black Sesame Seeds are NON-GMO and Gluten free, believed to be anti-aging by the Chinese who consume black sesame seeds regularly, these nutrient rich seeds are highly beneficial and extremely tasty.

Sesame seeds have a mild nutty flavour and are often used as a garnish on foods particularly sushi and breads, they also make great snack bars and sauces

Black Sesame Seeds are

  • High in fibre that can in digestion and maintain digestive health
  • Rich in Calcium and Magnesium that strengthens bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • High in Vitamin A, that promotes eye health and improves complexion
  • Rich in zinc that boosts immunity and aids in healing wounds
  • High in copper that increases iron absorption


Black sesame seed

Product of India – Packed in South Africa

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1Kg, 400g


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