Holle Baby Porridge, Rice – 250g


Holle organic Rice Porridge (after 6 months), is free from artificial flavours, colourants and preservatives as well as being Gluten free. This wholegrain Gluten free rice flour porridge fortified with vitamin B1. Use as a milk porridge, dairy free porridge or with any infant formula. Whole grains used in Holle porridges are in an easily digestible form, which is particularly suitable for babies. The goodness of the grain is gently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for your baby’s growing body.

Holle adheres to strict EU Organic regulations and Demeter Biodynamic agricultural standards.

Start feeding porridges from 6 months according to your baby’s stage of development and individual needs.

Packaged in a 250g box


Wholegrain rice flour *, Thiamin (required by EU law)

*from organic agriculture


Boil 100ml full fat milk and 100ml water and allow to cool for approx. 50°C. Pour the liquid into a bowl and stir in 25g Organic Rice Porridge (Approx. 5 tablespoons). Allow to soak and cool to body temperature (approx. 37 °C).

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Holle is one of the oldest baby food manufacturers in Europe, founded in 1933 they have been supplying quality organic formulas and porridges, that are sustainably sourced, for over 80 years. Holle prides itself on social responsibility; they believe that future generations should live in a healthy environment and support projects aimed at promoting natural diversity, sustainability and ethical husbandry.

Rejecting chemical processing and preservatives since their induction, Holle remains one of the leading manufacturers of organic baby food that supports baby’s growth and development during weaning and in conjunction with breast milk.


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