Farm Fresh Veggie Bag


A vegetable bag containing a fantastic selection of local, seasonal veggies. Keeping healthy singles, couples, and families individual needs in mind.?Always farm fresh, not chemically treated, and non-GMO.

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Our vegetable selections are always local, ethically grown and without any of the bad stuff.

Our veggies may look a little different to what you are used to, they are not GMO’s. GMO’s have been chemically engineered to look uniform, be resilient against the natural elements and to be larger. Heirloom vegetables are vegetables that come?from a long “blood” line, their seeds are true to the parent. Heirloom vegetables come in all kinds of different sizes, colours, and shapes because they are not man-made, think purple beans, black carrots, and yellow tomatoes. The Real Food’s team can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all these little gems our great-grandparents were raised on!

Heirloom vegetables may also perish quicker simply because real food is not supposed to last a long time, you are. Our veggies are without all of the preservatives, wax, and chemicals used to extend shelf-life.

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