Facial Scrub – 75ml


Facial Scrub with Bamboo Extract & Sandalwood


This facial exfoliator was developed with Bamboo, which is high in anti-oxidants, fighting the free radicals which cause premature ageing and wrinkles. Bamboo is also found to reduce inflammation, has moisturizing properties, has been shown to reduce the production of melanin, as well as speeding up healing. Bamboo also has more than 70% of the mineral silica, which is one of the biggest components of collagen.?The Bamboo extract was also chosen as the exfoliating medium, due to its super soft texture, which is immediately apparent when applied. By using bamboo silica extract, Beautiful Earth avoids using plastic beads (polyethylene beads) often found in mechanical exfoliators.?Essential Oil of Sandalwood reduces inflammation, calms the skin, facilitates and hastens skin healing, helps with both reducing the first signs of ageing as well as balancing oil levels. Sandalwood may also assist with keeping the bacteria that causes acne away, as it is a bacteriostatic essential oil.?Gently exfoliates, instantly revealing a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion.? Animal friendly and good for the environment too (no plastic beads)?


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