Beautiful Earth

Beautiful Earth is an owner-managed, eco-friendly company. They produce high quality, cruelty-free, natural skincare products. Their mission is to provide guaranteed natural, personal care products in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner. The Beautiful Earth range is free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, and glycols, as well as artificial colours and fragrances.

Beautiful Earth supports the concept of sustainability and views it as the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social equity. They run a low-risk operation in terms of its impact on the environment and strive to minimize their carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. Beautiful Earth donates products to Cotlands (NGO) and their products are never tested on animals, they are listed with PETA & endorsed by BWC as cruelty-free.

Beautiful Earth envisions a world in which the entire family benefits from natural products through everyday use. In this world, Beautiful Earth is recognised as the exemplary and the market leader in its countries of operation.

Moms, be sure to take a look at the extensive baby care range, stunning products without any harmful chemicals, leaving cautious mommy’s mind at ease, and more time for cuddles!

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